Sort Your Help (SYH) - Domestic Help Recruitment and Training


Placement Fees

SYH charges its fees in two stages for Temporary and Permanent Placements:

  1. A non-refundable Search Fee of £175 is payable up front on engaging SYH; and
  2. A Placement Fee is payable within 14 days of the start date of the Candidate’s Placement.
    • 2.1 Temporary Placement Fees (under 8 weeks) are calculated at 1/8th of the Permanent Placement Fee per week worked; and
    • 2.2 Permanent Placement Fees (8 weeks and over) are:

From 1st February 2019 our fees will be:

Nanny, Housekeeper, Cook£2,150
House Manager£3,000
Emergency Help1POA
Maternity Nurse, Tutor, Holiday Help, Ad Hoc Help (varied)POA

Consultancy Fees

SYH charges an initial Consultation fee of £175 and £175 per hour thereafter.

Course Prices


Open Programmes run in Fulham and Balham (run by Libby Gordon of The Happy Kitchen Food Company)

  • Half Day Course (10am – 2pm) – 2 attendees: £325 per person (+ share of ingredients)
  • Half Day Course (10am – 2pm) – 4 attendees: £175 per person (+ share of ingredients)

House Keeping

  • 2 hour course – 2 attendees: £175 per person
  • 2 hour course – 4 attendees: £100 per person

(An extra fee will be payable for any bespoke timetables required)

Bespoke Household Training and Timetables

  • £75 per hour
1. Required within 3 days. SYH cannot always ensure success at such short notice.